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Vancouver’s Best Inexpensive Dates

3 Jul

Summer is the perfect time for cheap dates because all the great outdoor activities in Vancouver. From exploring the wilderness to basking in the sun, Vancouver has many fun date activities There are also many free events over the summer to enjoy, why pay for a date ever again?

Go for picnic in Stanley Park


Make some class PB&Js and head out for a lovely picnic. Beat the heat by finding a shady spot to set up ,or get a nice summer glow eating in the sun. After your meal you can bike around the seawall, or enjoy a nice walk. A picnic date is perfect for brunch, lunch, or dinner because you can enjoy the warm summer day, or watch a lovely summer sunset.

Go on a Gelato tasting tour of the city

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 11.17.41 AM

Gelato is perfect for a hot summer day and with so many gelato shops throughout the downtown, you can try every flavour and run off before you annoy the employees. Great for silly or indecisive couples who have to try every flavour before deciding on one.

Maps: gelato+vancouver

Check out some free Festivals and Events 


From music to cultural events, Vancouver has many different festivals to attend this summer at no cost. Plan a late night date in late July to watch the Celebration of Lights amazing fireworks display. Or enjoy a daytime date and attend one of the many music festivals such as the Folk Fest.

Check out all the events at tourismvancouver.com

Spend a day of one of Vancouver’s beautiful beaches


Have a picnic, swim, make sand castles, do whatever your heart desires! The beach is a great place to relax with your sweetie all summer long. From day to night, the beach is a great place for dates.

Check our favourites beaches to plan your beach date now. vancouvers-5-best-beaches