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Stress-Free Shopping this Holiday Season

6 Nov

The holiday season is almost upon us, which means parties, parties, and more parties.

The good news is that you don’t have to stress about what to wear.  Blushing Boutique not only has dresses guaranteed to garner the most compliments at the party, but lots of beautiful and unique accessories from a host of talented local makers and retailers.

Here are some ideas to get you started on your perfect holiday outfit.

Simple and Elegant

 c2 c3

Sweater Dress with PocketsRuffle Neck Top / Pleated Bow Pencil Skirt

Cute and Fancy

 C4 C1

Red Chiffon Gown / Strapless Chinese Silk Dress

All dresses and accessories are available at Blushing Boutique.

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Color Your Life – Green

5 Nov

green color

Green is a very versatile color that can look great with a variety of colors on a variety of skin tones.

Christmas tree, forest in summer, m&m, emerald… the possibilites are endless

Do you have any green in your wardrobe?

fall green trend

One of the trendiest colors for this fall and winter is green.

Both moss green (yellow toned) and emerald and teal (blue toned) are very popular this season.  This means that whatever your skin tone there is a green that will suit you!

Light green skirts are great with white tops.

light green 복사

Cowl Neck Top / Silk A-line Skirt at Blushing Boutique

Click the links for more information.

Light green tops are also great with black skirts.

light green top 복사

High Waisted Knit Skirt / Versatile Sweater Dress / Bustier at Blushing Boutique

Click the links for more information.

If you don’t wear green with a yellow tone, here are some dark green dresses for you with blue undertones.  These are easier to wear for a variety of skin and hair colours.

Dark green 복사

Mary Jane Dress / Bolero / Pencil Skirt with Subtle Flounce at Blushing Boutique

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Blue-green dresses are great with black or light brown boots.

blue green 복사

Goldie Dress / Tunic / Sweater Dress with Pockets at Blushing Boutique

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Dress up with greens this fall and winter!