Take Five: Five Local Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow

8 Sep

Despite Vancouver having a negative reputation for its fashion sense, we are here to prove otherwise! Not only do these bloggers represent west coast style perfectly, but they also each put their unique spin on the latest trends. Here are our top five picks for our favorite local fashion bloggers. Please feel free to comment and tell us who we missed – we know there are many other fashionable ladies out there!

A Fashion Love Affair 

This lovely blog was started in 2011 and has been extremely successful with over 79 thousand followers on Instagram. Cara McLeay is the curator behind a Fashion Love Affair and also the Vancouver Localist at Large for FLARE Magazine. She uses the blog to highlight her love of fashion, travel and beauty.


To Vogue or Bust

To Vogue or Bust was created on April 13, 2010 by Alexandra Grant after she decided that law school was not for her and she wanted to follow her passion for fashion instead. This blog is truly a lifestyle blog highlighting a variety of fashion, health, beauty and fitness tips.


Alicia Fashionista

Alicia Quan created the blog Alicia Fashionista as a place for the millennial woman to go to that seeks travel, fashion, and beauty advice. We love how this blog has a really personal touch to it, and features lots of pictures with her family and friends.


The August Diaries

The August Diaries started in August 2011, by Jill Lansky as a creative outlet for herself after attending Blanche Macdonald Center for Fashion Merchandising. Since then, the blog has gained a lot of attention for her simple and classic west coast style that we love so much.


Her Waise Choice

Jen Tam launched the blog Her Waise Choice in early 2010, using it to combine her love of fashion, styling and photography into one creative platform. She has a very feminine and minimalistic style, and aims to inspire the everyday woman with non-intimidating outfit ideas.



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