Top Three Benefits of Spanx

27 Aug

Despite how intimidating your first time diving into the shapewear section at the department store can be, you won’t regret it! Spanx are constantly growing in popularity and there are many reasons why. We can admit with no shame that we love wearing Spanx with some of our outfits and they really do help us to feel our best! If you’re feeling uncomfortable in a dress, there is no harm in trying a pair of Spanx and seeing how you feel after.

spanx_in_power_line_super_high_footless_shaper_912i_RS (1)

1.They Make You Look Slimmer and More Athletic

Spanx is designed to reduce the appearance of love handles or excess skin. Depending which version of shapewear you purchase, they all target different areas. These garments are made to mold to your body comfortably and give your figure a visibly tighter and curvier appearance.

2. They Give You More Confidence

We know from experience that when trying on a super tight body-con dress without Spanx VS trying it on with Spanx can make a world of a difference in our confidence. When you feel confident it shows and it makes you exude an amazing energy.

3. No More Muffin Top

We think Spanx is like magic the way your muffin top instantly disappears once you pull it on. It leaves you with a clean and smooth silhouette no matter what outfit you wear overtop.


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