Okanagan Valley Vineyards

6 Aug

One of the best places to go to for an easy summer vacation is the Okanagan Valley; with a quick 4-hour car ride you can completely relax and escape your busy city lifestyle. There is so much to do and see in this area, but our favorite thing to do is check out the huge variety of vineyards. We picked out three of the best wineries and an idea of where to stay close by. We also gave a couple of suggestions of Blushing Designs Dresses that would work perfectly against the Okanagan Valley backdrop.

1. Mission Hill Vineyard, Lakeview Heights B&B and The Four Way Dress

2 4way-0127

Not only does this vineyard offer a big selection of wine to taste, but also has other amazing attractions such as a spectacular viewpoint and suspension bridge. Reservations are highly recommended for private wine tastings and for The Terrace Restaurant located at the vineyard. Stay within walking distance of Mission Hills at the extremely well reviewed Lakeview Heights Bed and Breakfast.

2. Burrowing Owl Estate Winery/Guesthouse, and The Belinda Dress

timthumb (1) 1527-009timthumb

Burrowing Owl is a stunning vineyard in Osoyoos with over 170 acres of land and elaborate, villa-style architecture. This vineyard offers delicious wine, food and takes their social responsibility seriously. They divert a portion of their revenue to conservation efforts for the endangered bird that the winery is named after. They also have a luxurious guesthouse on the property that is perfect to vacation in.

3. Blue Mountain Vineyards, Bighorn Ridge Guest House, and The Wrap Dress

 Blue Mountain aerials_20140826_016wrap-023main house 3_o

Blue Mountain Vineyard is just south of Okanagan Falls and is by appointment only. They are much smaller than the other wineries we have mentioned but the delicious wine and views from the estate that they offer speaks for itself. If you are looking for somewhere to stay near this vineyard, look no further than The Bighorn Ridge Guest House, it is adult only and pet friendly!


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