Style Icons Who Would Wear Blushing Designs

3 Aug

Every designer dreams of having a style icon wear their designs  and sometimes that becomes a reality. Also, many designers may use a style icon as a muse or create an icon out of a muse. We couldn’t help but to image these icons as models of Blushing Designs…

Audrey Hepburn… in the Audrey Dress

audrey in the audrey copy

We channeled Audrey when we designed the Audrey dress, so we only see fit that she be the icon who represented this dress.

Grace Kelly… 4-Way DressGrace in the 4 way copy

Grace always had that classic 50’s style that reminded us of the 4-way’s A-line shape.

Marilyn Monroe… in the Belinda DressMarilyn in the Belinda copy

Marilyn has an amazing hourglass shape, which is why we chose the Belinda dress to show off her curves.

Twiggy… in the Lucille DressTwiggy in the Lucille copy

Twiggy is the face of Mod fashion, and since the Lucille dress

reminded us so much of the 60’s, we could only imagine her wearing it.

Liz… in the Wrap Dress

liz in the wrap dress copyLike Liz, the Wrap dress is classic and sophisticated with a sexy edge.


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