Fashion Trends of 2015 so Far

18 Jul

Believe it or not, we are already over half way through 2015! Who would have guessed some of the trends that have come into play this year? With a huge variety of new styles emerging since the year began, we thought we should review what has come and gone in the fashion world so far. Here are our favorite trends, and links to purchase similar items as pictured.

Shirt Dresses

shirt dresses

These dresses were seen on the runway for Spring/Summer 2015 at many shows, including Rebecca Minkoff and Charlotte Ronson. Off the runway, shirt dresses have been transformed with high slits, thick belts and low necklines making them anything but ordinary.


These cropped, wide legged pants are sticking around for another season. We first saw them in Spring/Summer 2014, and they have been an even bigger trend this year. The unique silhouette of culottes make them an exciting and different alternative to regular capris.



It is safe to say that fringe is no longer solely reserved for Halloween costumes with these modern updates. This flirty add-on can bring an entirely different vibe to any outfit. This season we have seen it displayed on a variety of accessories including suede high heels and leather clutches.



Whether you’re a certified gym rat or not, you may have had a desire to start dressing like you’re ready to work out. Activewear as daywear has had a huge increase in popularity as of late. Sleek black Nike sneakers paired with dresses and oversized jogger pants with crop tops are just a few popular combinations this season.



Matching tops and bottoms have had a major comeback in the fashion industry. These coordinate pieces are no longer being seen solely covered in floral prints for children and have been updated into sexy outfits for women of all ages. This summer we have seen the versatility of them and how easy they make putting together an outfit.


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