Plan Your Friday Night

27 Mar

Things to do in Vancouver on a Friday Night

Our Mix- Up of Fun Ways to Enjoy Your Evening

The Afghan Horseman

The very first Afghani restaurant in Canada, serving Vancouver and the Lower Mainland for over 36 years. These authentic mouthwatering dishes will leave your taste buds craving more. Made from the freshest ingredients your pallet will keep you coming back for more. Oh and did we mention, upon entering the room; you will be seated not on a chair but on over sized pillows, but be aware!

You will not be wearing shoes!


Beach Volleyball Inside

So it’s raining again? Why not wipe away those winter blues with a little beach volleyball! For $15, you can drop in with a group of friends of just come by yourself and play until the rain decides to ease up a little bit!

Drop in times range from 10am – 6pm and then late night from ~9:30pm to 2am


Brassneck Brewery

Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes of that beer your holding in your hand? Well at the Brassneck Brewery their aim is to make their customers feel as if they are apart of their process. The brew house & cellar wrap around the tasting room & growlershop putting you in the very heart of the Brewery. What else is great? They are always experimenting with different beer styles, with only being over a year old they have already brewed over 50 different beers coming directly to you from their conditioning tanks so you know its fresh!


Prohibition Bar

A newly – renovated 3 000 sq. ft. cocktail bar will not only entice you but the sound of jazz and other musical instruments will leave you in awe of this place.With vintage cocktails and impressive list of wines and craft beers the Prohibition bar will leave you with an inspired experience.


 The Dark Table

With already a hit in other big cities Vancouver is now offering a new way to dine.

In the dark. An evening at the Dark table will take you away from your regular experience and will guide you through an unfamiliar road of sensations you have never felt with your taste buds leading the way. Now when we say “In the Dark” you are literally in the darkest room you have ever stepped foot inside willingly. Don’t be thrown off by this because you should always try new things at least once!

darkheaderMake sure you have a reservation as they have set times for their restaurant and can be easily done through their website with email and text notifications!



Escape Vancouver

Vancouver’s newest nightlife craze is actually crazy! With several different 5-D versions to choose from you are locked and confided into a room and expected to solve a mystery or finish a series of challenges before you even think of being let out.

But there’s always a catch, you have 45 minutes to finish or well… Just kidding. Although the success rate of solving your puzzle is low it will keep you coming back for more.



Friday Night Late Night Movies at the Rio Theatre

Time to turn it up this Spring with hits from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s for March’s Friday Late Night series. You can purchase tickets prior online of at the door, AND if you come in costume you get $2 off! Please be aware that these are 19+ screenings so that means no kids but there is a full service bar as you enjoy your night out with your special someone or with friends!



Granville Island

Escaping the busy city isn’t as difficult as one may think. With Granville Island being easily accessible by car, bus, bike, or boat you can find a large amount of activities to keep everyone entertained from market, to shopping, fine dinning and comedy clubs your night will be filled with fun.



Salt Spring in the City

A “Village Market meets Art Show” for the second year this market returns to Vancouver to bring fourth treasures from the Salish Sea. Visitors will get to experience food and fashion, paintings and pottery, wine and crafts, and leave with the feeling of the West Coat’s boho culture.



Soar above the USA with FlyOver Canada

Want to take a quick plane ride over the beautiful Rockies? Why not experience the sights of Grand Canyon? For a limited time you are able to not only soar over Canada but you are able to visit the United States. FlyOver Canada’s virtual flight experience will take your over beautiful terraces and landscapes leaving you a little light headed and giddy over the beauty that North America holds.

When: Daily between March 6 to April 12 from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. (commencing every 20 minutes.)

Where: At the Canada Place pier (999 Canada Place, Vancouver)



Vancouver Trampoline Park

Why bounce on a trampoline in the rain when you can bounce on a trampoline and then throw yourself in an 8-lane foam pit! Extreme Air Park’s indoor Trampoline Park with 42 000 sq. ft. of interconnected trampolines you can bounce around or play 3D dodge ball or trampoline basketball creating fun for everyone of all ages

There are also classes offered to improve your aerial moves or why not try an AIRobics class!



 Vancouver Opera

The Vancouver Opera house was first founded in 1958 by a group of community leaders who saw a vision to create value for the performing arts in Vancouver. Therefore bringing the connection of human drama to the people of the city.

The Vancouver opera house strives to be the target destination for arts that entertain, stimulate and enrich those who live in British Columbians and abroad.




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