Two DIY Projects for Halloween

29 Oct


Two DIY Projects for Halloween – Cookie Worms in Dirt Cake and Spooky Lampshade

Do you want to make something fun for Halloween but don’t have a lot of time? These two projects are quick, easy, and fun for kids.

Cookie Worms in Dirt Cake

-Ingredients: Black or brown cookies, pudding or whipped cream, cups and gummy worms


-How to make it

1. Crush cookies so they look like dirt.

2. Put the crushed cookies in a cup.


3. Add pudding or whipped cream over the crushed cookie layer.


4. Cover pudding or whipped cream with crushed cookies.

5. Put some gummy worms.

IMG_6328 IMG_6327

Spooky Lampshade

-Materials: Papers, Pens, Scissors, Lamp, Tape and Wire

-How to make

1. Draw a shape such as a bat, witch and ghost on the paper.

2. Cut it out.


3. Attach cut papers to wire using tape.

paper tape wire

4. Fix it to the lamp.

5. Turn on the lamp and enjoy your scary shadow puppets.

lamp shade


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