How Can I Reuse Spent Coffee Grounds

28 Oct

How can you reuse spent coffee grounds?


Many people love to drink a cup of coffee in the morning. They purchase coffee and enjoy it. But what do you do with used coffee grounds after drinking coffee? Here are some uses for them. Don’t throw them away!

1. Deodorizer

Put the coffee grounds in a bowl in your refrigerator. This will remove odor in your refrigerator. Also, you can put them in your shoes. They help remove moisture and odor in your shoes.

refrigerator boots

2, Fertilizer

Add your coffee grounds to your garden or flower pot. They have lots of good nutrition for plants. Moreover, they protect your plants from harmful worms. But don’t add too much coffee grounds. It can cause mold. 1 part of the coffee grounds to 9 soil is the best ratio.

flower pot

3. Wardrobe keeper

The coffee grounds help remove moisture and odor. Put them in a jar or bowl. This is effective especially for rainy days.


4. Household cleaner

They can also be used as an abrasive cleaning solution around the house. Wash your frying pans with the coffee grounds to remove oil stains.

kitchen fry pan


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