How be a Photography Superstar

23 Oct

How be a Photography Superstar

-5 Tips for taking better photos of people

Everyone loves to have a good photo of themselves on vacation. However, when you get home why does it always seem like there is only one good one out of a thousand?

You can take wonderful photos if you know some small tips.

1. Don’t put your neckline on the horizon

tip 1(X)

People’s gaze will settle on the horizon if the neckline is on the horizon, and the effect is a little bit “off with her head!”

tip 1 O(O)

Adjust camera height to show your beautiful face.

She wears Sweater Dress with Pockets on the beach.

2. Don’t make a horn on your head

Check carefully to make sure there is not a tree or a pillar growing out of your head.

tip 2 X(X)

Change the camera angle or your position so your photos are only intentionally funny.

tip 2 O(O)

She wears Sweater Dress with Pockets on the street.

3. Avoid cutting your neckline

This creates a ‘floating head’ effect.

tip 3 X(X)

If you want to emphasize your face, take a bust shot like the photo below.

tip 3 O(O)

She wears Sweater Dress with Pockets in front of Alte Oper.

4. Don’t tilt the camera.

It’s not a good idea to tilt the camera when you take photos of people. It is more likely to look like you are drunk than the artsy effect we all intend.  If you are indeed a little tipsy, rest the camera on a bench or table.

tip 4 X(X)

Adjust horizontality especially when you take photos of people.

tip 4 O(O)

She wears Mary Jane Dress at English Bay.

5. Dont’ put yourself in the middle of the photos.

This doesn’t allow for natural eye movement across the photo.

tip 5 X(X)

It’s more natural and harmonious to put person left or right side of the photos.

tip 5 O(O)

She wears Strapless Chinese Silk Dress in front of Windsor Castle.

Try these tips on your next vacation or night out, and let us know if they help.  Post your best photo of you wearing Blushing to our facebook page


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