Three-Way Thursday!

31 May

We LOVE colour and we LOVE prints so this adorable Lucy dress ($185) is the perfect combination.  Bring out your inner artistic side with the Jackson Pollock like print that has the perfect splash of turquoise.  You can purchase it either in store or online at   Also comes in navy with polka dots, cranberry animal print, black and white floral and brown snakeskin.

Look # 1: Blushing on the Boardwalk

This season, you can’t go wrong with too much turquoise.  Breanna paired her Lucy dress with Erin Miller turquoise and silver accessories (Earrings $43, Bracelet $59- Available at Blushing) and topped it off with an Earth Essence Necklace ($196- Available at Blushing) and Werner shoes (Available at Blushing) creating the perfect Summer outfit for lunch along the boardwalk.

Look #2: Bad Girl in Blue

The addition of leather puts an edge on any ensemble.  For a more “bad girl” look, try pairing your Lucy dress with a Rad Juli belt ($69- Available at Blushing), throw on a pair of the biggest hoops you can find (Brava $26- Available at Blushing), a statement necklace (Erin Miller $94- Available at Blushing) and the fiercest shoes that you are capable of walking in (Friis and Company- Available at Blushing).

Look #3: Tea Party Elegance

Creating a high-tea ensemble fit for the Duchess of Cambridge is an easy task for the Lucy dress.   All you need (besides the Lucy dress, of course) is dazzling earrings (Sophie’s Design $30- Available at Blushing), a chic scarf (To Desire $95- Available at Blushing), a dainty clutch to store your left over scones (Davie + Chiyo $100- Available at Blushing) and finally, a really impressive stone (unfortunately, this stone is no 18 carat sapphire.  Jules necklace $142- Available at Blushing).  Et Voila!  You are now ready for an afternoon of sipping tea poured from a polished silver tea pot, nibbling on cucumber sandwiches and gossiping about the latest news in high society.


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