Three-Way Thursday!

24 May

What’s more romantic than lace, summer sunsets and champagne with raspberries on the beach?  Not much besides combining all three with the stunning Ava Lace dress ($235).  You can feel like you are the star in a Nicholas Sparks novel while wearing this dress which has a flattering V-neck, a halter tie and a cut out back; perfect for those warm summer nights.  You can purchase it in store or online at  Also available in plum and black with blue lining.


Look #1: Picnic Pretty

Everyone loves a good picnic; nothing more relaxing then laying on the grass, watching the clouds pass by, sipping sparkling juice and munching on sandwiches.  Sophie has dressed the part in the comfortable and very cute Ava Lace dress paired with a gorgeous turquoise Earth Essence necklace ($169- Available at Blushing) and an earthy brown leather bag ($130- Available at Blushing).  Let’s just hope the ants don’t carry away her dessert!

Look #2: Lace for the Leos

The Leo Awards are quickly approaching, and what better place to buy your red carpet dress then at Blushing Boutique?  Sophie is camera ready!  Pairing her Ava Lace dress with a gorgeous scarf ($95- Available at Blushing) and dazzling crystal accessories (Bracelet $96 and Necklace $116- Both available at Blushing).  She finishes her outfit off with glitzy Taxi heels and is now ready for her close up!

Look #3: Business Essentials

All her co-workers envy her style.  And Sophie always wears the perfect Blushing dresses to transit from board meetings to drinks with the ladies after work to discuss the day’s events.  Sophie looks office chic in her Ava Lace dress by adding at white fitted blazer ($312- Available at Blushing) and grabbing her Creative Dimensions bag ($90- Available at Blushing).   We all know where her co-workers will be paying a visit this weekend- Blushing Boutique of course!


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