The Blushettes: Sara

25 Mar

Name: Sara Armstrong

Job Title: Design Intern turned Sales and PR Manager

Hometown: Regina, Saskatchewan.

How did you get into design? Sara first completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the U of R, with a major in installation art and minor in sculpture. She had always wanted to be an artist. A highschool teacher once told Sara she should go into fashion because of her ever-changing look. (Sara is a chameleon of fashion –  starting with her gothic grunge phase in grade 2, shortly followed by the psychedllic 90’s and her favorite mint pleather jacket inspired by the Spice Girls). Little did she know, textiles and eco-design was where her heart lyeth.

What Do You Do To Unwind After a Long Day? Sara likes to enjoy a glass of wine and hit the sketch book!

Would You Ever Go Sky Diving? Funny you ask, Sara has been sky diving  in Byron Bay, Austalia… Over the ocean at 14,000 Ft!  And only told her Mother after her feet were planted safely on the ground. She would do it again and again!

If You Won the Lottery What Would be the First Thing You Would Buy? Groceries.

Do You Have Any Advice for Someone Who Wants to be a Fashion Designer? Never stop dreaming, keep your curiosity!


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