The Blushettes: Tassie

20 Mar

Name: Tassie Vicars

Job Title: Design Intern/ Designer of soon-to-be-launched clothing line ‘The Crow and Gate’

How Did You Get Into Design? Tassie was studying Political Science and Criminology and didn’t find it terribly creative so she started channeling all of her creative energy into her clothing.

What Is Your Favorite Part of Designing? Getting to create something that never existed before and would never have existed if it hadn’t been for her odd little mind.

If You Had to Wear One Outfit for the Rest of Your Life What Would it Be? Tassie would like to see us try. 

Do You Have Any Unusual Talents? Apparently that is a very long list.  Tassie can weld, drive an excavator, count to ten in Hawaiian, tie a cherry stem in a knot with her tongue, read nautical navigation charts, and cause technical malfunctions in any computer that comes within ten feet of her.

What is Your Favorite Spot in Vancouver? The Sea Wall in the fall when all the leaves change.


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