The Blushettes: Nadine

12 Mar


Name: Nadine Chong

Job Title: Assistant Designer here at Blushing Boutique and Creator of her own gorgeous line ‘DeAlmeida’, named after her mother.

How Did You Get Into Design? There was nothing else she ever wanted to do.  When Nadine was little her mother would sketch clothes and passed her love of fashion onto her daughter.

Would You Rather Be Able to Fly or Be Invisible? Fly, despite her fear of heights.  Nadine is a naturally curious person and fears that if she were able to become invisible she would learn all sorts of secrets she might be better off not knowing.

If You Weren’t Designing What Would You be Doing? Running a high end floral shop making beautiful bouquets.  (So still making pretty things.)

If You Were Stuck on a Desert Island What Three Things Would You Want to Have With You? Her dog, her boyfriend, and a machete.  (The machete is for cutting down trees and getting food she insists, not in case the boyfriend gets tiresome.)

What is Your Favorite Book? ‘Pillars of the Earth’ by Ken Follett because she gets to geek out over architecture and religion.



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